I would do that: Pub singer arrested over singing Kung Fu Fighting in front of Chinese people

Im only doing this post so I can include this picture, or because i have nothing better to do, WHO KNOWS (not me thats for sure) 

This pub singer in the Isle of Wight was casually singing at as bar. The song that the decided to sing was Kung Fu Fighting (HIIIIYHAAAAA). At the same time some Chinese dude walked passed (im guessing in Tuxedo’s, with sunglasses and a samurai sword strapped to their back), and got aroused offended, and then called their private ninja’s the Po’Po. The guy is now under arrest for racial harassment and is currently being fucked up the ass by a prison warden named Beatrice (she’s got a strap-on, or is a man, either way it was huge!). I do feel sorry for the guy though, i mean its not as if when they walked passed he shouted,

"WHEE AR CHINESE PEPOWL" *whilst squinting his eyes, and drinking Saki*  (however I would pay to see that) 

Lesson Learnt: LETS ALL DRINK SAKI!!!!!!11