AWHH HELL NO!: Bloblfish near to Extinction

Awhh just look at that slimy disgusting vile looking snot-drooling thing…….What I was talking about the picture YOUR FACE. (Come on, tell me you didnt see that coming?) 

DAYUM NATURE, YOU SCARY! Im afraid it is true. Mr Blobfish over here is nearing extinction. I’m not sure whether we should all be jumping for joy, or masturbating, what, WHAT? I didn’t say nuthin’, why is everyone looking at me? *tries to imitate the Blobfish’s Face*. In a way I do kinda feel sorry for the guy, I mean its not like he’s done anything wrong, except for looking so depressed it makes me depressed , and so I end up on my bedroom floor contemplating suicide whilst listening to My Chemical Romance………dont lie, we’ve all done it, RIGHT? Anyway, here is what the experts have to say about this emo-fish cuttin’ himself and shit:

increasing levels of deep-sea fishing in Australia and Tasmania for crab and lobster mean that they are being dragged up with other catches in increasing numbers.”

STUPID AUZZIES, go play cricket or something, however playing cricket with a Blobfish would be cruel HIL-ARIOUS. But in all seriousness, lets hope that these little depressed things dont go cuttin’ themselves just yet.